AugForge company locates in Hangzhou, is known as the "Silicon Valley" of China. Our parter factories in Hangzhou and the surrounding area provide full range of the plastic and metal parts and products according to customer's design. We support customer's new product development, spare parts storage, components replacement, product upgrade, demo and market promotion. we provide services from design for manufacture, prototype, tooling, product manufacturing, quality control, assembly & testing, packing and delivery import & export.


Design for manufacture

Successful manufacture include a consistent quality and control of production processes. Datian design services includes:

- Design of the production process and testing environment.

- Mechanical and production design supporting.

- Testing design supporting.

- Quality planning and assurance.



We have high priority for prototype manufacture. It is optimization for design and cost saving before design finalization.

- Small quantity supporting.

- Short lead time.

- Soft tooling and laser.



We contract with some of China's best precision mold and die makers to make the molds tooling for your project. Quality of the mold design and mold material is critical for fast, efficient production of quality product. We use imported mold steels for mold cavities and cores, and use quality standard mold bases when possible.

- high precision.

- Use rounded corners instead of sharp corners where possible for plastic injection, die casting and extrusion molds.


Mechanics Manufacturing

Diversity of Datian's technically advanced mechanics manufacturing processes:

- Effective, up-to-date technologies for punching, forming and cutting.

- Diverse and flexible bending methods.

- Effecting coating line solutions.

- Equipment for flexible automatic product handling.

- Effective utilisation of 3D models in production processes.


Electronics Manufacturing

AugForge provides reliable and effective manufacturing services and supply chain implementation. Our professional electronics manufacturing processes include:

- Flexible SMT (Surface Mount Technology) coating lines.

- Various soldering processes (reflow, wave and selective soldering).

- Various testing and inspecting equipment, including X-ray and AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) equipment etc.


Assembly and testing

We has ability to combine the manufacture of electronics and mechanics, to build technically advanced equipment.

- Material procurement.

- Manufacture of parts and components.

- Assembly and testing.

- Packaging and delivery to the end customer.


Material Management

Our material procurement services cover all phases from the selection of suppliers for individual components to the management of daily material flows and the control of suppliers.

- Qualified suppliers and raw material.

- Qualified components, parts, boards and units before customer's delivery.


Logistics and After-sales

Customers' satisfaction is our eternal aim.

- Immediate responses to changes in customer needs.

- Spare parts and logistics services.