Raw material

We provides most plastic injection molded parts, bioplastics parts, rubber parts, metal parts, and electronic parts. AugForge is experienced with handling multiple raw materials, and is strong with over-molding and assembly. We can reduce our customers' sourcing cost and avoid the dimension conflicts between difference components.



We are in the  region of world center of injection mold manufacturing. And we have long-term business relationships with mold specialists over 20 years experience in the mold making industry.


The quality of the mold is most important for plastic injected part. Molds lead time usually take 30-60 days to complete, depending on many factors such as size and complexity. Once molds are finished, we send you sample parts by express for your verification in prior.


Whatever your requirements with high strength, temperature, weather resistance or extra high precision we can give you advice in selecting suitable materials for your needs. Ultraviolet inhibitors and antioxidants can be added to your plastics to protect against fading of color and weakening in sunlight. Screen printing or pad printing to print images and logos directly on the surface of your product. We provide prototype in ABS, acetal, acrylic, polycarbonate, polyurethane, and plastic assy with metal parts inserts.



Bioplastics have the potential to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and help alleviate plastic waste disposal problems. TPS(Thermoplastic Starch) is currently the most widely used bioplastic. It typically has a low cost relative to other bioplastics, and can be processed on standard plastics processing equipment without extensive modifications. It is resistant to heat, so it can be used in applications involving contact with heated food.


Physical properties of most bioplastics are still significantly different from traditional plastics, so plastic injection molds usually need to be designed or modified specifically for use with a particular bioplastic. The main disadvantages of TPS are that it absorbs water readily, and is fairly soft and low in strength. PLA(Polylactic acid) is typically derived from corn starch or cane sugar. Biodegradability of PLA depends on temperature. High temperatures, such as those present in commercial composting units, are required for fast decomposition. Thus PLA is often defined as a compostable plastic instead of a true biodegradable plastic.


We have experience in designing injection molds for bioplastic processing and can produce a mold design to suit your particular product and your desired bioplastic material.


Rubber and gasket

Rubber are used for EMI(Electro Magnetic Interference), IP(Ingress Protection), UV resistance, connecting, sealing, electric resistance and shock absorber functions. We have professional vulcanization machines in house to support.


Soft tooling is recommended for cost save and quick prototype. The lead time is around 30days to complete prototype. Hard tooling is needed for volume production which will stable the quality and ensure the capacity. The lead time for hard tooling sample is normally 30-60days to complete, depending on many factors such as size and complexity. Number of tooling cavity will impact the price.


We manufacture rubber and gasket, and we also manufacture rubber assy with metal parts inserts.



We manufacture metal parts and assembly of different materials including aluminum, aluminum alloy, zinc, zamak, brass, steel, stainless steel, and others. Metal working processes and operations includes Blanking, Drawing, Forming, Punching, Welding, Turning, Die casting, Extrusion, CNC milling, Wire EDM, Drilling, Reaming, Tapping, and Grinding.


Physical sample or engineering drawings with 2D or 3D specifications are needed for precise manufacture. Once we have complete designs and specifications for your product it usually take us 3 days to a week to quote for your tooling and product. Tooling lead time for most metal parts are typically in the range of 15 to 35 days for simple stamped parts and around 60 days or more for more complicated cast parts.


- Blanking for stamping flat shapes in sheet metal

- Drawing for forming curved surfaces in sheet metal

- Forming to bend sheet metal to the desired shape

- Punching to create holes in sheet metal and other parts

- Welding to create metal assemblies from multiple parts

- Turning on a lathe to produce precision round parts

- Die casting to produce aluminum, zinc, and copper alloy parts

- Extrusion to produce profile parts

- CNC milling for complex 3D part shapes

- Wire EDM for making complex, high precision cuts in metal

- Drilling for round holes

- Reaming for high-precision round holes

- Tapping for threads

- Grinding for flat surfaces



- Anodizing in a broad range of colors for aluminum parts

- Electroplating in zinc, nickel, chrome, copper, and other materials

- Powder coat in various colors

- Spray painting

- Sandblasting

- Tumble deburring

- Rust preventive oil application and sealed bagging for shipping unfinished steel parts



We provide the finishing methods for metal parts with Anodizing, Electroplating, Powder coat, Spray painting, Sandblasting, Tumble deburring, Rust preventive oil application and sealed bagging for shipping unfinished steel parts.



According to your designs and specifications for your product, including circuit board designs in Gerber format, component lists(BOM), and assembly instructions, we development and manufacturing of all kinds of electronics products and components.

Raw material management

We purchase high quality components with global suppliers under competitive price. We also support to purchase parts with your appointed brand and suppliers. Main Electronic parts include memory, capacitor, resistor, Circulator, Oscillator, clock IC, logic IC, DSP, ASIC, FPGA, protection device, cable, connector and others.

PCB(Printed Circuit Board), quotation depends on raw material, layers, dimensions, and drills. For normal PWB, the lead time is usually 10 working days after enginnering questions to be finished. It usually take at least extral 2pc PWB for temperature test before normal production.


SMT(Surface Mount Technology), assemble most electronic components to PWB automaticly by program. Tape and Reel packing are preferred. We assemble all the electronic boards, with mechanical standard parts and custom parts together, and also provide customers with site bag, kitting and spare parts for your option.


Testing according to products and customer's requirement, such as with X-ray, inspections, IP test. If other custom test are needed, we support to invent custom test equipment or fixture.