All custom design rights belongs to Datian's customers.

AugForge's clients are in all field. For example, instrument, industrial components, automotive, railway, electrial, telecomunication, healthcare, Consumer, lighting, power and others. We provide individual parts of plastic, rubber, metal, electronic, and we also provide assembly and whole product.


Metal and assembly

It includes metal die cast parts, metal stapped parts, metal extruded parts, metal machined parts, metal assy, cabinet and other metal parts.

Plastic, rubber and gasket

It includes food box, medicine box, water bottle, toys, O-ring, sealing, connecting, high temperature resistance, electric resistance, UV resistance, shock absorbing, current divider, covers, plastic assy, rubber assy, and other products .

Electronic assy

It includes Power board, Control board, Backplane board, Digital board, Transceiver board, Filter assembly, Sessor board and others.


It includes timing device(Global Navigation Satellite System), smart device, communication, instrument and others.