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>> Die Casting

Produce Zamak and Aluminium die casting molding tool and part. Zamak and aluminium die casting treatments, deburring by barrel finishing and sand blasting, the dispensing and application of electrically conductive gaskets and thermally conductive compounds, as well as different types of surface galvanic treatments, painting, and silk-screen printing.

  • Keep wall thickness uniform throughout the part.
  • Use a wall thickness not too thick or too thin for the kind of metal alloy used. Consider the shrink factor of the material and cooling time.
  • Use rounded corners instead of sharp corners. Sharp acute angle corners may not fill completely.
  • Add plenty of draft to surfaces parallel to the direction of part ejection. This will ease part ejection.
  • Limit the use of undercuts to reduce the required number of slides in the mold.
  • Avoid long, thin holes. Increase hole ID or decrease hole length.