Please contact us freely, whatever your product is simple or complex. Our capacity and experienced manufacture in almost every industry. AugForge provide proper solutions by evaluating and simulating all kinds of possible technical troubles before and during production process.


Plastic Injection

Produce plastic molding tool and optimize part. We have full range of partner injection facilities to produce plastic parts and products.

- Keep wall thickness constant throughout the part.

- Use rounded corners instead of sharp corners where possible.

- Add draft to surfaces parallel to the direction of part ejection from the mold. This will ease part ejection.

- Limit the use of undercuts to reduce the required number of slides or side cores in the mold.



Rubber Injection

We have Rubber injection machines include LSR(liquid silicone rubber), up to 200 tons. Vulcanization machines up to 300 tons to produce rubber parts. We also provide rubber assy with metal parts inserts.

- Seals, O-rings, electrical insulators.

- Vibration dampening or impact softening pads.

- Soft protective jackets for various products.

- Silicone wrist bands.



Metal Stamping

Manufacture goods from a flat sheet of metal to a painted end-user product. For low to medium volumes, Datian provide soft tooling or laser without tooling for NPI/prototype samples. The metal stamping plant stands out for the presence of sheering machineries, traditional punching and laser cutting, bending and a modern fiber optics laser. We also runs a welding division, specializing in MIG welding, TIG welding, and spot welding to offer complete solutions.

- Avoid narrow strips as they will distort easily during production.

- Avoid placing holes too closely as it can result in distortion.

- Corners should be rounded where possible.



Aluminium Extrusion

Produce Aluminium extrusion molding tool and part. The aluminium extrusion is equipped with a horizontal and vertical CNC machining center with pallet changer which is able to create metalworking with tolerance to the hundredth. To complete these processes, we also has the following capabilities: cutting, punching with multiple tools, drilling, and threading.

- Keep the wall thickness greater than 1.0 mm.

- Use slightly rounded, not sharp corners.



Die Casting

Produce Zamak and Aluminium die casting molding tool and part. Zamak and aluminium die casting treatments, deburring by barrel finishing and sand blasting, the dispensing and application of electrically conductive gaskets and thermally conductive compounds, as well as different types of surface galvanic treatments, painting, and silk-screen printing.

- Keep wall thickness uniform throughout the part.

- Use a wall thickness not too thick or too thin for the kind of metal alloy used. Consider the shrink factor of the material and cooling time.

- Use rounded corners instead of sharp corners. Sharp acute angle corners may not fill completely.

- Add plenty of draft to surfaces parallel to the direction of part ejection. This will ease part ejection.

- Limit the use of undercuts to reduce the required number of slides in the mold.

- Avoid long, thin holes. Increase hole ID or decrease hole length.



CNC Milling

Support fast prototypes and small quantity production. The CNC milling division, has the chances to support fast prototypes and low-medium series production. Whether your machining needs are simple or complex, Datian has you covered with CNC precision machine tools, including CNC horizontal machining centers integrated with axis milling and CNC turning capabilities.

- Avoid long, narrow protrusions or thin sections as they will break under the force of the cutting tool.

- Use a radius instead of a sharp angle on inside corners.

- Try to make your design to minimize the number of faces that need to be machined, as this will reduce cost and machining time.

- Try to use as few different hole sizes as possible to reduce the number of tool changes required when drilling.

- If possible use metric sizes for your holes and other features, as it is common used in China.



Electronic Integration

Support Mechanical assembly, Electro-mechanical assembly, and testing. Electro-mechanical assembly, box build, electronics, pneumatic and machined-parts assembly, as well as custom software preloads and configuration, testing and documentation.

- ESD protection is needed during manufacturing.

- Tape and reel packing is preferred for SMT.

- Derating and junction temperature calculations need reviewed.