Raw material

We provides most plastic injection molded parts, bioplastics parts, rubber parts, metal parts, and electronic parts. AugForge is experienced with handling multiple raw materials, and is strong with over-molding and assembly. We can reduce our customers' sourcing cost and avoid the dimension conflicts between difference components.


>> Bioplastic Injection Molding

Bioplastics have the potential to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and help alleviate plastic waste disposal problems. TPS(Thermoplastic Starch) is currently the most widely used bioplastic. It typically has a low cost relative to other bioplastics, and can be processed on standard plastics processing equipment without extensive modifications. It is resistant to heat, so it can be used in applications involving contact with heated food.


Physical properties of most bioplastics are still significantly different from traditional plastics, so plastic injection molds usually need to be designed or modified specifically for use with a particular bioplastic. The main disadvantages of TPS are that it absorbs water readily, and is fairly soft and low in strength. PLA(Polylactic acid) is typically derived from corn starch or cane sugar. Biodegradability of PLA depends on temperature. High temperatures, such as those present in commercial composting units, are required for fast decomposition. Thus PLA is often defined as a compostable plastic instead of a true biodegradable plastic.


We have experience in designing injection molds for bioplastic processing and can produce a mold design to suit your particular product and your desired bioplastic material.